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Description "Chordpiano-Workshop"

Chordpiano-Workshop a three-part manual with over 270 pages about the question: How to play improvised piano with chords and associated scales? It comes with 14 Pattern videos, 6 audio files, a training planner, a key finder and an action guide for starters and advanced players.

In Part I of the Chordpiano-Workshop you play your first melodies, chords and chord progressions. Rhythm training is sensible; therefore you must agree that the magic behind the music is always to have a good rhythmic feel and accuracy.

You will find more than 180 chords in part II, including common grips.

Part III of the Chordpiano-Workshop will tell you more about how to work with the chords you learned about in part II. Refresh your memory concerning the training of basics you found in part I and enjoy freely creating songs with the chords. Go through the past lessons once more.

Travel the path of calm, tension and calm just like you do in life and think about which chord progressions represent this experience. Just like a composer you will find chord progression in the falling fifth such as the 12 bars blues progression, V-I; I-IV-V-I; II-V-I; VI-II-V-I and other progressions.

This is how you decide whether you want to play solo or whether you want to accompaniment. Take your metronome with you as a session partner and as a friend. Learning how to handle bass notes and how to groove at the piano? That works well with a pattern or the staccato-legato-play.

Create a good sound by harmonizing melody notes. For your free play you will rely on your ears and your knowledge of chord functions to figure out, which musical scale would go well with which chord.

After solving the tasks at the end of each lesson, you will soon realise that in music all the melodies, chords, chord progressions, rhythms and scales work together.

Should you delve into composing then take another look at the previous lessons and learn how to hold the tension in a song and how to discover new horizons.