Frequently Asked Questions about learning to play the piano

I am over 40 years old, can I still learn to play the piano?

Of course: Yes. Get started now, to fulfil this wish.

The age of my online piano students ranges from 12 to approximately 77
years old. For your own pleasure and also the interaction you can play
together with another in order to learn the pieces in a shorter time.
After a few weeks or months, even beginners can see their first
achievements, not years. So live your piano dream now and do not think
about your age anymore. Because if you do not, you will still be
dreaming about it in two years time. However if you start
today, you will already be able to play the piano in two years' time...

Can I also see and hear the piano playing?

Yes, you will see and hear the piano being played in the piano videos,
with a top-down view of the keys. Just play everything from what you see and
hear in the videos. In music, it is always very important to have a
musical idea of what you want to play first.


Katrin, that sounds good, but what is the "catch"?

Initially, by practicing the piano 2 or 3 times per week you will not
learn. This for some people is the "catch". But practice makes it fun,
because you are indeed playing the piano ;-) And as a piano teacher I
cannot make you practice. I will show you how to do it and set it up.
In this free course, you will learn the first chords and matching notes
and learn generally how to approach improvising on the piano.


Why is this online piano course free?

Consider this free course to be like a couple of free trial lessons
with the piano teachers on the site. They come without contract, without
any obligations and you often get a free trial lesson to get to know

And if you like what you learnt in the free online piano course and
would like to come back to me, and then you can purchase my secondary
piano courses direct from me. I will then give you the related links to
the free online piano course.

Of course, for many years now I have worked as a professional musician
"for the music" and have become rewarded for my work as a musician,
piano teacher and author. But I would like to give you an introduction
to my online piano coaching for free with this free online piano course.
So please do not worry, you are in good hands with me. That's what all
of my online piano students say ;-)


Could you give me advice on buying a piano?

Sorry, but that is a resounding "no". As a musician, I play music on
the instrument, I do not build it. I have been teaching improvised piano
for many years, but I'm no expert on piano purchasing.

To get the best advice, when you buy a piano, talk to a piano maker. Of
course, piano stores, music shops and piano tuners are very good points
of contact for advice, on purchasing a piano.

The only tip I can give you: is that in any case an acoustic instrument is always more personal. It is very worthwhile, to invest the petrol and time
driving yourselves around the country playing the piano on site, before
you decide on one.


What knowledge of musical notes do I need?

You do not need any knowledge. I'll show you everything in the video
and if you really wanted to learn the notes, then I'll show you that
too, step by step. You can learn to play the piano, completely without
notes, but by ear and chord knowledge alone.


Is the free online piano course suitable for children?

It is suitable for children, or rather teenagers from 12 years old and
also adults.

In my opinion, for younger children to learn play piano online by
watching online videos it is not ideal. Because children need a living
person sitting next to them, who can not only teach them, but who can
also constantly encourage and personally motivate them, to bring them
closer to the joy of music. All PlayPiano DVD piano videos and textbooks
are intended for young people aged 12 and above and adults.

Contact us for piano lessons for your child; please contact your
private piano school or piano teacher via the site.

Now request the free online piano course: