Katrin Kayser (Musician, Author and Piano teacher)

Katrin Kayser, born in 1965, is a musician, author and piano teacher. She has been teaching improvised piano for many years in her own piano school and is the author of numerous books and instructional videos on the topic "learn to play improvised piano".

Her motto: Live your dream.

At the age of 12 years old, Katrin Kayser began to learn her first instrument, to sing and to create her first compositions.

Between the years of 1986 to 1991 she studied at the university in Greifswald, near the Baltic Sea. After graduation, she got more and more involved, for many years, in improvised piano, playing with various renowned pianists, doing seminars, workshops and working on the band's own compositions. To this day she still sings in various choirs and in a band as an alto.

With 35 years, in May 2000, Katrin Kayser has experienced the satisfaction of teaching and for the first time began to pass on her knowledge to students. Finally, in 2007 she began to put her knowledge of improvised piano on paper and a year later, published it on the Internet.

Following on from the intense demand, since 2009 from her online piano students, more than a thousand piano videos with top-down views of the keys, have been made for improvised piano.

In May 2010, she founded the Online-Playpiano-Academy, in which piano students can learn the latest songs on a 2 year online course and play the piano, alongside other piano players, and converse personally in various forums with Katrin Kayser, herself.