Piano Chords

Dear piano friend,
It nice to see that you would like to learn to play piano.
The following matching notes and rhythms can be used alongside the
piano chords. Now there are hundreds of them and all of them at once
together, would be too much knowledge for you. Of course, it makes sense to
learn exactly what you can apply immediately.

And I will show you this way to learn piano chords in the free online
piano course.

You do not know what a piano chord is and how to build it? No problem,
I'll explain it to you during the course.

A piano chord is the most harmonious sounding harmony for several
notes. The smallest piano chord consists of three notes. Naturally, you
can also just call it a "chord" or a triad; seventh chords add more sound
and harmony. We can also play chords on guitar and many other
instruments as well. Listen to the chords in the video and then play
them yourself, this is far more helpful than just reading text about

Use your new knowledge about piano chords, step by step, on the keys,
so that it is much clearer and at the same time you are playing the
piano or keyboard. To see the first free piano video, please add your name to the mailing list for the free online piano course.