Contact / Support

There are several means of contact, depending on what you want.

Do you have a technical or another question?

Please use my central customer support for inquiries, no email
addresses (except the email addresses in the imprint of my various web
domains). Please be aware that my customer support does not give any
technical support for my free online piano course and cannot answer any
music questions. My customer support will assist with the following:

* Purchased downloads or online access that is not received
* DVD video or book products that have not yet arrived by post
* Customer Shopping Advice
* Double booking and refunds
* Requests from affiliates, partners, joint ventures

Contact email: info [ at ]

Please use @ and not [ at ] This a a spam protect.

If you need support, you can also go to this support page:

Do you have a musical question?

I always answer musical questions personally for my online piano
students, but only within the Online-Playpiano-Academy.
(currently not available in English)
Why should you not email me? It's simple - I will lose the emails,
since I get hundreds of emails every day.

Personal purchase advice?

You want to learn the piano, and would like to buy a course, but do not
know what piano will be most effective in your situation? Post your
question in Support to receive buying advice. I will reply to you

Contact email: info [ at ]

Please use @ and not [ at ] This a a spam protect.

Would you like my personal teacher feedback on your exercises?

You will get my feedback in the Online-Playpiano-Academy (abb. OPA).
There are several simple ways to get my teacher feedback on your
exercises on the piano. So you do not have to worry about the
technology. However this service is already included in the OPA and a
monthly contribution is made to the OPA. (currently not available in English)