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In this small excerpt, you can read how will learn to play improvised piano with the Chordpiano-Workshop.

Part I, yellow, 64 Pages: Introduction, Basics, such as rhythm, Playing motifs, Intervals, Key Signatures.

Part II, blue, 130 Pages: All chords, scales + relationships made clear and simple.

Part III, green, 74 Pages: Chord progressions, Blues progressions, Rhythm patterns, Songs, Insider tricks.

piano lessons videos, piano chords

How do you find a relaxing touch and the find the right keys and polish up your sense of rhythm.
What you need to do to get a grip of your rhythm problems like a pro.
How to find the most comfortable grips for chords as you glide over the keys with fingerings.
How to relax your arms, hands and fingers with the right stroke while playing.
You can play improvised piano without memorising any pieces.
What if you do not like, seeing your own creations on the keys?
How can you easily perceive the keys while looking at the keys in pairs.
The pulse, note lengths and a sense of rhythm come with rhythm training.
Overcoming coordination problems between your left and right hand.
(Or do you want to continue further with the problem without using my simple hand coordination method?)
How to quickly and easily find out what key you are playing and which scale you are currently using.
A way to improvised as freely as a bar pianist (This only works if do at least ten minutes to half an hour of exercise daily.)
How to make all of the triads and seventh chord, if you do not know the appropriate scale, and how to find the root note of the chords.
With this method, which I will show you, you will never be guessing again, what the chord symbols mean. You will immediately recognise what chord you should be using, before playing and what notes belong to it.
How to discover the root of the chords and the secrets behind the super hits. Don't you even want to play a super hit sometimes?
Learn why triads are often turned upside down and how to do this. Discover how to avoid unsightly leaps between chords on the piano.
Which chords go together and why is this so. You can learn which notes do not work well parallel together and see, how to find find chord progressions easily.
How to reach the chords in a chord sequence, together with the associated audio material.
Insider knowledge on how to implement seventh chords correctly, so that you can play with two hands and freely improvise with four-note chords without a second pianist.
Discover how you can give a chord a colourful facade so that you can keep the mouths of the audience open in amazement and really not want to stop playing, even during your own practice time. (This only works after you have practiced well with triads)
How to reach chords and common chord progressions easily as voicings (voice) and learn to practice with flashcards.
Discover how you can play a simple sequence of calm and excitement, which is reflected in very specific chord progressions and also write your own superhit.
The exact chords of super hits, so you can finally play your own favourite songs.
Puzzles about your sheet music, that you have never been able to get around, but let me show you how you can quickly find the melody and accompanying chords in a piece of music.
Discover how a composer always finds the right next chord. Discover how to think the same, musically, as a composer.
How can you play the blues very selectively, using and improving on the blues layout, blues scale and swing feel.
Dive into the secret of jazz blues and minor blues and apply the note extensions from the chords that you have found. (For this you should have trained well in seventh chords in at least one key)
How to use a metronome as a session partner and therefore find a professional rhythm, that gives you a good feeling, while the metronome stresses the beats.
Unravel the insider knowledge of a good sound, and discover how you can reach seventh chords in very different ways and thereby produce a very good sound for your song.
If you are in a band, do you really want to play some notes twice, and thus constrict your bassist or do you want me to show you how to accompany a band properly on piano?
How to really rock on the piano without a drummer, by using a special groove.
Why does it sound boring if you always play full chords and how to refine them. Instead, effectively enhance your tunes and your playing with rhythmic patterns and chord arpeggios.
Discover where bass notes come from and how you can find the best bass notes on your keys. (Or do you want to use a third of your keys to create a good sound)
A simple trick on how to give more volume to your sound motifs and melodies using the right hand (but only use this trick if you know the triads well, otherwise it will not work)
How to find out which scale goes with which chord.
Or do you simply want to strum furiously, mix all the chords and scales ignorantly and have them chase each other, will this musical harmony feel any good?

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You get:

Chordpiano-Workshop eBook Part I,
yellow, 64 Pages: Introduction, get to grips with motifs and melodies quickly, finding pulse and rhythm training, looking over the keys quickly,
hearing and recognising intervals
Chordpiano-Workshop eBook Part II,
blue, 130 Pages: How to read chord symbols, chords you really should know,
the roots of the chords, all triads and tetrads, turning triads on their head
Chordpiano-Workshop eBook Part III,
green, 74 Pages: Recognise chord progression, create songs with chords, solo piano and comping, where does the bass notes come, improvising and composing, scales who fits to a chord, expand chord progression, insider tricks
14 Pattern videos: 4/4 time Pop ballads pattern, chord arpeggios in eighths, right hand chords, free motifs, 12/8 time pattern, accompaniment pattern in quarter notes,
3/4 time pattern, Bossa and Samba accompaniment, Invent a "vamp", fills, chord arpeggios with motifs above
Action guide for Chordpiano-Workshop for beginners and moderately experienced player
My Training Planner shows how to divide your practise time.
My Keys Finder shows how to find all black and white keys quickly.
6 Audios: Pressure, basic positioning and fingering, find the melody, rhythm and chords in a piece, intervals, rhythms, how to find the key of a piece quickly

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See what customers and piano friends have said about my free online piano course and my products.

(All e-mails I have received and can be detected in the original)

"hello dear there are many teachers that help people to learn piano but few teagers you are the great of them can make a composer. The only thing I want tomention you for it is the sequence........you are the greatest"
Ashraf Karara

"Dear Katrin,
I really want to thank you for providing such a valueble knowledge free of cost. I am a Pastor and Christian song writer and worshiper. I am enjoyig the piano lessons you provided online for free. So thank you very much once again for the great job you have done, in teaching the music for the people like me who are living far away from you. May God continue to bless you richly. Blessings!!!"
Pastor Saleem Bashir
Lahore Pakistan.

"Hello Katrin,
sorry, my english is not the best. I'm Hungarian and I live in Serbia. Many thanks for the lessons and support! I have 31 years and I've always wanted to learn to play the piano. So far, it seemed impossible, but now thanks to you, my dream began to come true! Thank you very-very much! I'd like to buy and your books. Greetings and a big thanks"
Magdolna Sandor

"Dear Katrin,
I want to thank you all of the help because your lessons are very helpful and the videos help to understand the lessons totally. I had a little problem with understanding the bluse improviseing, but fortunatelly when I watched the video everything got clear. I decide to learn how to play piano at home because unfortunatelly my time dosen't allow me to go to teacher and the beggining was a bit hard but your page and your lessons helped me to start this at all. Lots of thanks:"
Klaudia Meszes

"Hello Katrin,
since the time we sarted these lessons i have had a very good time to enjoy the piano especially in key C. I have had the the progression of keys according to the way you were teaching me and I can play a number of songs using the chords that I was given in the PDFs.
But now what i would like you to help me with is the chart that has more detailed chords like the minors, the sus and others as you know them.
Thank you for these lessons from which I have really benefited.
I really love playing WORSHIP MUSIC. May God bless you."
From Jude
(JUDE TADEO KIREVU) full name.

"I am 63 years old, with the intention to practice the piano. I was practicing piano lessons from other websites. Including the use of various exercise books. Who admitted that it is difficult to perform. I'm not following the training. Until I found your tutorial. You have to teach the piano a clear, easy to understand (although I have no knowledge of English is not so good), especially video presentation includes explicit instruction. I was encouraged to play the piano next. I sincerely compliment."

"I'm very proud to have like teacher of music. I play all lessons that you send to me. when you have time i would like you send to the chords many ways Ican use them when I play a song. Iwish you don't leave me early because I love music. I think you will understand, thank you."
Pierre Ramefils Charles

"Dear Katrin,
To tell you the truth I admire the way you teach on how to play the piano. I don't even know how to play the piano, I am already 70 years old, a Senior
Citizen who believe no matter what age you are but it is the determination to learn something like the piano.
I am a lover of music since my childhood, we are very poor and I need to work to help my mother who at that time was a single parent. Okey we go back to piano lesson. the chords you are teaching us were all okey to me. I would like to request to you if you don;t mind that give us a song and with the chord to follow. For I will learn more on this by chord just teach us very slow. We pray that God will keep you always healthy and strong.
Your Student who sincerely believe in you. To be a piano professor is a very difficult job. I remain,"
Abelardo San Agustin Jr.

"Hi, Katrin,
I appreciate the help you have extended to those who are interested to learn how to play organ for free.
I am already playing but my knowledge is just basic, very elementary i may say.
Everything is just self-study because i am so much interested to really learn how to play the keyboard.

When i saw your site offering a free lesson, i was so excited.
But i became more excited and enthusiastic when i read the first lesson you sent with a video for me to follow the lesson well.
I never knew, till then, that there are various ways and keys to press with only 3 chords (F-C7-Bb) and in a different position.
One day, i tried to play the chords of SEEK YE FIRST and tried to press the corresponding notes.
After several try, my keyboard was already playing.
I was able to play the chords with notes without having the actual notes in front of me.
It's amazing.
I am going back every now and then on the lessons you sent me.
I am trying every now and then and i believe i need to practice more... practice playing, as really playing the keys of the keyboard... and most importantly, practice to listen.

Thank you, Katrin.
I hope to receive more lessons from you.
You speak clear in the video, you explain well and the pdf notes really helps me so much.

God bless you for your kindness and help.


"Hello KK
I am a beginning keyboard player and your video are an excellent guide. You are not in a hurry and take time to explain. I'm sure to get get the best from your lessons.
James Yatich

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"Dear Mrs. Katrin Kayser,

I am a Vietnamese woman at 60 years old. I started learning piano when I was a 6 year old for 1 year. After that, for over 50 years, I had no chance and time for learning piano, though I like it very much. Now I am retired and accidental, I found your website. Thank you very much for two first lessons that make my dream for learning piano became the truth. Your teaching method is very interesting and I hope to learn a lot from you.

Please receive my sincerely thank for your kindness that can bring
happiness for me and for all your students."

Yours faithfuly,
Nguyen Doan Hanh